1. Do you have a display & or sample area I can come visit to see what your wall sconces look like in person?

Yes we do, come to Brunswick Business Services where our friendly staff can help with any of your queries and show you our display wall of our most popular wall sconces in action!  Visit our contact page for our location.

Display wall

Display wall

If you would like to ask our expert team a question please fill in the space provided.

Do you supply light fittings with the wall sconces?

We supply all Incandescent Wall Sconces with Bayonet fittings. & Halogen Wall Sconces with Halogen light fittings.

Bayonet Light Fitting for Incandescent

Bayonet Light Fitting for Incandescent

Example of Incandescent Bulb with fitting inside Wall sconce

Example of Incandescent Bulb with fitting inside Wall sconce

Halogen Light Fitting

Halogen Light Fitting


4 thoughts on “FAQ’s

  1. do you make sconces for interior corners, or do you know any company that does?

  2. Thankyou for your enquiry regarding our Yamorra wall sconces. We have 1 model that fits into an interrior corner which is called a Lattice. We have this on display in our reception area which you are welcome to view.

    the dimensions are as follows:

    Width Height Depth
    580 80 190
    You can view this model via the following link

    Please let me know if your require any further information.

  3. I am wondering whether when you say halogen or incandescent fittings, they also fit and are suitable for the more modern and energy efficient LED and compact fluorescent products respectively.

  4. Hi Jennifer, thank you for your enquiry. Incandescent Wall sconces are made from Pottery Plaster, they can withstand a maximum of 60 wattage due to heat from the globes. The fitting is your standard bayonet light fitting. Halogen Wall sconces and the fitting supplied are specifically for Halogen which are a maximum of 240 wattage and are made from a mixture of Pottery & Hydrostone. I have updated the FAQ’s to include pictures of the fittings please take a look at them. For further details on your lights we suggest you speak with your electrician & or local lighting store for professional advice in that area.


    Nicole @ Yamoora Products

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